Sleep now, pay by the month

We don’t want you to sleep badly for another day. Now it’s possible to invest in your sleep and health and pay in small monthly instalments. With Splitit you have the freedom to choose how and when to pay. Just select the Splitit option on the payment page and split your purchase up to 6 months.

Good things come in small payments


An interest-free purchase, you no longer pay for parceling out your order.


Shopping on the spot, no time wasted on lengthy checks and checkouts.


Deliveries in 15 days.

Enjoy life. Invest in your rest.

Buying mattresses has never been more practical. All you have to do is choose your products and add them to the cart. Proceed to checkout and here you can fill in the data and select the payment method Splitit. You will be taken to a Splitit page where you can select the number of monthly payments you want and fill in your credit / debit card details.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive two emails from Splitit. One with your access data for your account on the Splitit portal and the other with your plan confirmation email. In your customer account, you will be able to consult the payment dates, change your personal data and change other details of your plan whenever necessary.

We are here to help you

This payment method is completely secure, without any risk to you. If you have any questions and need any further clarification, contact our customer support team at

Split it FAQ’s

These are the most frequently asked questions regarding this payment method. If you are not clear, talk to us!

What is Splitit?
Splitit is the only solution that allows payment of installments anywhere and at any time, without requiring credit applications, registration or credit checks. Splitit's patented solution allows customers to make high-quality or routine interest-free credit / debit card purchases. Find out more at
How can I buy with 0% financing?
On the checkout page, simply select "Splitit" as your payment method and you will be redirected to the Splitit page. Here you can select how many months you want to pay for your purchase. You can select up to 12 months for a credit card and up to 6 months for a debit card. Here you can also check the value of each monthly fee, depending on the number of months you choose, and the dates on which they will be charged. After selecting your plan, you will be asked to fill in your card details and verify the transaction with a code sent by SMS. Splitit will send you a confirmation email and payment details as well as the data to access your Splitit account.
How do I know if I am eligible for 0% financing?
Splitit is applicable for any Visa or Mastercard. To be approved, you will need to have the full purchase amount available on your credit / debit card. Right after your purchase, your first installment will be charged. For purchases with a credit card, you can choose any plan up to 12 months. However, please be aware that with the credit card the total amount of the purchase will be retained. After each installment, the amount withheld will decrease by the same amount until payment is completed. If you choose to make your purchase with a debit card, you can do so with a plan for up to 6 months. You will need to have the total amount available on your card but it will not be held as on your credit card.
If I return my mattress during the 14 test nights, how does the refund work?
After contacting our customer support team ( to request your return, we will refund the installments already charged and cancel the remaining monthly payments of your plan so that it is not charged. Once the plan is canceled, you will receive a confirmation email from Splitit.
What are the advantages?
With Splitit, you can divide the total amount of your purchase into several installments. This means that, at the time of purchase, you will only be charged for the first installment. With Splitit, you can use your existing credit / debit card to easily split a purchase into multiple payments, without extra forms or applications. In addition, you will never be charged service fees, interest rates, or late fees.

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